rain again …

smile …

Hey, Hi, smile …

Where are you come from?

I … I … I come from a long long way

but even I can’t remember where

there isn’t any smile on my face

rain again …

I come from from a long long way

where I can’t even remember more

I’ve searched to find a home

Moor to moor

Road to road

man to man

and I feel homeless

I’ve searched to find a home

hand to hand

eye to eye

heart to heart

I’ve gone

from day to night

from light to dark

And I’ve broke too much bounds

I’ve search to find a home

and I feel homeless

the sky’s raining again, and again

my heart’s crying loud again, and again

and I feel homeless

(I’ll rather sing about

the love I can believe in

the true God)

but I can’t believe there’s no one

to call me home

There are still babies born

Words are spoken

Promises are sworn

I’ve searched to find a home

Land to land

town to town

man to man

hand to hand

eye to eye

heart to heart

I’ve gone

night to day

dark to light

And I’ve broke too much bounds on my way

And there’s no one by my side

who take my hand and walk to home

where the love exists …

where no one hide truths

where to worship God

where Religion is to bond, not distance

the people sings and dance

and the hearts smiles without a mask

I feel homeless

and hear a her sound from far far away, who sings:

Just maybe they’ve call us

generation love

Note: Writing in a language that you have never really learned, is hard, but there must be a way to touch the people who know you, even though you know that it is a desperate try to find the right words. I hope that at least after all the words in their inappropriate places and grammatical failures, there is still a meaning remains to see.

Inspired by Generation Love by Ross Copperman, Tom Douglas and Heather Morgan

By the time I wrote this poem, my English was really poor and I didn’t know any other language which I could have written a song in it. So the verse’s of this poem are combinations of verses I heard from the songs to which I listened those days. Jennette McCurdy is the woman, who knowing about her background, listing to her first album, being witness of the career a very young girl made in Hollywood, had a great deal of influence on encouraging me to pick up a pen and write down a little of the pain of the years, which were kept silence deep inside me for years. More than Jennette McCurdy’s career as an actor, what caused my admiration for her, are her songs, especially „Heart of a Child“ and „Generation Love“ which the later is not her own production. I don’t know if I would have ever picked up a pen if Jennette McCurdy was not on my way. Another repeated verse in this poem, I learned from Maria Mena’s „Homeless", and there is also a touch of Amy MacDonald's songs in one of the verses of this poem, and once again it is Jennette McCurdy who would rather be singing’ about a love she can believe in. I learned this sentence from her „Break Your Heart“.

Inspiration: Jennette McCurdy

Published: Feb 23, 2012

Author: Scrappy Nobody


from Penumbra

Series of Random Works