The blind mess

That’s the life we’re used to live

The head of the largest constitution on the earth

Is advocating in the faith of the man’s spirit

Our consumption is made upon the image of love in TV advert

The erotic in bed had become a section of the market

The thinker of our times are busy writing theses nobody needs

The gifted are the employees of int. corporations

OH, the blind mess

You are all right in your conducts

„Love“ is anyway repressed childhood wishes

„Getting laid without feeling“ is a wiseman’s action

„Family“ is the crèche, the school, the college … the old-age home

„Mother, father“ I agree this is honestly yesterday way of thinking

What has happened in between

That the liberals are those who need corrections

How do we have treated our bodies

That the most free spirits grow self-restricted toward the same sex

How did it happened to our time

That our politics favor the richest, begging the vote of the poorest

Could you explain

Just hold a second

Explain me the contrary

In the age of connection

Area of information

Lairs win the elections

Maybe it’s the truth behind

owning nonsense information,

Understanding far far little

Maybe it’s that we are busy

Creating, sharing the moment

When it’s moments that matters

Just maybe

Just a very last thought

We believed the God of the bible

The God of the Koran

[Does it matter at all

When He is the Owner of all these Religions]


Just maybe

We believed Him to be another Santa Klaus

We ruined the love We ruined the trust

Of each new spring

To the past summer

Just to ourselves


Just a very last thought

We forget

The lairs deserve to go astray

To be left in the darkness

To be lost in the cold of indifference


Just a very last thought

We deserved all this results

Based on a poem first drafted on April 11, 2016, inspired by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, known as Pope Francis

Reworked on May 16, 2016

Reedited on May 19, 2016

Inspiration: Pope Francis

Published: May 19, 2016

Author: Scrappy Nobody


from Penumbra

Series of Random Works