A novel in 778 pages

A short novel about young couple some months after the birth of their first child ...

Short Novel

a Novel in 778 Pages

By Hossein

It was a very unusual day in Alice’s professional life. Not that she hasn’t thought about this, but she still couldn’t believe what she was doing…

A short novel about young couple some months after the birth of their first child …


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  • Publisher: Lost Ideas Lab
  • Edition: eBook second edition
  • Format: ePub**


** to open the book you need a e-book reader application on your device, such as Microsoft Reader on later versions of Microsoft Windows, or for XP, Vista and Windows 7 you can use Kindle for PC or iBook for Apple devices, or Google Play Books for Android devices and on Chrome web browser from any device or …

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Did you know?

The suggestion from Shirin Farzam to write the story even if it was for A. S. was the last piece of puzzle that encouraged me to give up on the promise of forbidding myself from writing …

Behind the scene

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Take a look at the article about behind the scene of writing a Novel in 778 Pages published on the Lost Ideas Lab Journal.

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For whom is this book?

If you are young mother who also chase a professional career, but don’t worry if you have much time left for fictions, “a Novel in 778 Pages” won’t take much of your time … it is just about 24 to 40 pages [based on the size of your screen] …

If you are a romantic or thoughtful husband and wish to share an intimate story with your especial other, this book is a great choice to read together …

Literary Analysis of a Novel in 778 Pages

A digest overview

A Novel in 778 Pages is a multi-layer[1] work of fiction and art.

The story is full of unsaid descriptions and explanations, but these explanations and descriptions are present between the harmony of the words .

Short Novel

This book is neither a short story nor a novel, I would rather call this form of story telling short novel.

Literary Form

A Novel in 778 Pagesis not written in the currently well-known forms of story telling.

The form of story telling used in A Novel in 778 Pages, is rather like Zen paintings, where a fair enough portion of the painting is blank space, but this blank space is rather due to the lack of skills of the painter nor his imaginations inability to depict a fully filled snapshot in his mind. A reason behind the existence of those blank space is that the enable the viewer’s mind to wander, think and fill the space with him/herself and his or her own life stories and feelings …

[1] As well the story line itself and the depth of the feeling and understanding of the reader of the story are multi-layers …

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